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The Linnell Family Association promotes fellowship among Linnell family members through reunions, a newsletter, and genealogy records.

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The Linnell Family Association is devoted to fellowship among all Linnell descendents in North America, and to the preservation of historical and genealogical information about the Linnell family. All known Linnells in North America are descendents of Robert Linnell, who came to Scituate, Massachusetts, with his children and his second wife Peninah, in 1638. They came seeking religious freedom, to rejoin their pastor, Rev. John Lothrop. One year later, Robert and his family moved to found the town of Barnstable on Cape Cod, along with their minister and other members of the congregation. For many generations, the Linnell family stayed on Cape Cod and prospered, until many Linnell families migrated to Maine, upstate New York, the Midwest, and ultimately all of America

We invite all Linnell descendents to join the Linnell Family Association, which holds reunions every three years, in different parts of the country, returning to our ancestral home on Cape Cod for every third reunion. The last reunion was held in Rockford, IL in 2009. The next reunion will be held in Grand Marais, MN in 2012. The Linnell Family Association also publishes a newsletter at least three times a year, with interesting articles on the activities of today's Linnells, as well as articles of family historical interest. The Association also sponsors a scholarship fund, and a Linnell gravestone restoration project. Items of interest to the family can be purchased through the LFA store on this website

One of the treasures of the Linnell family is a truly excellent genealogy, "The Descendents of Robert Linnell", by Rachel Linnell Wynn, published in 1994, and which brings the known lines of the Linnell family well into the latter 20th century. Rachel's research materials are now held in the archives of the Sturgis Library in Barnstable. The DRL may be purchased from the LFA treasurer for $35 postage paid.

We invite you to explore our web site, to join the Linnell Family Association and to join us at the next family reunion.


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