Linnell Family Reunion 2018

June 22-24th 2018

Salem, Oregon

Saturday tours:

Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area (pdf(doc)

Salem Cultural and Historical (doc)

Mid Willamette Valley (pdf)

Oregon Coast (pdf) (doc)

Salem Cultural and Historical (doc) (pdf)

Salem George E Linnell (pdf)

Salem Paul E Linnell (doc) (pdf)

Upper Willamette Valley (doc) (pdf)

This our triennial reunion, the last one occurring in 2015.  This time we are heading to the West Coast! Come join us at the Red Lion Inn, 3301 Market Street NE, Salem, OR 97301 for a weekend of family and history. Check out the newest newsletter for more information.

Photos and information about some of our past reunions:

If you have any photos you would like to share from past reunions, please send them to us.

2018 Reunion – Salem, OR

2015 Reunion – Cape Cod, MA

2012 Reunion – Grand Portage, MN

2009 Reunion – Rockford, IL

2006 Reunion – Cape Cod, MA

2003 Reunion – Black River Falls, WI

2000 Reunion – Alexandria Bay, NY

1997 Reunion – Cape Cod, MA

1994 Reunion – Granville, OH

1991 Reunion – St. Paul, MN

1988 Reunion – Cape Cod, MA