We are pleased to invite Linnell family students to apply for award of the Linnell Family Association Scholarship Fund. The Linnell Scholarship Fund was established in 2000 with a donation of $500 and has continued to grow since then. Please read through the Scholarship Rules

Who can apply?

Any high school senior or current student of a college or an accredited higher education program, who is a descendant of Robert Linnell, is eligible to apply for the scholarship. Student applicants are asked to write an essay on Linnell family history or current positive influences of the Linnell family. The essay should be typed and double-spaced, not less than 1,000 words, nor more than 2,500 words in length. One winning essay will be selected this year for the $1000 scholarship award.

How do students apply?

Students should mail their original essay along with: the LFASF Scholarship Application Form; two letters of recommendation (one from a teacher of the applicant and one from a member of the applicant’s community); and a current academic transcript. Where to send

 When are essays and applications due?

Students wishing to enter their essay for the LFASF award must have their application, accompanying essay(s), letter(s) of recommendation and transcript mailed by April 15th of the current year.

How are the essays judged?

The Linnell Family Association Scholarship Fund Administration Committee (LFASFAC) will oversee the selection and judging of all prospective scholarship award recipients.

– LFA Scholarship Committee Members